About Antiy

ANTIY is a national cybersecurity team that leads the development of threat detection and defense capability. Relying on the next-generation threat detection engine, multi-level man-machine combined analysis, artificial intelligence and other independent advanced technologies, based on the support of the “Cyber Super-brain” empowerment platform and expert teams, Antiy provides users with products like endpoint protection, network monitoring, in-depth analysis and rapid disposal, as well as comprehensive solutions related to security management, threat intelligence, situational awareness, and range exercise.

Antiy provides solutions and a competence system for advanced threats and emerging threats to high-security demand departments such as national authorities, the military, confidentiality and ministries and commissions. The products and services of Antiy have ensured that “manned space flight”, “lunar exploration projects”, “space station docking”, “the first flight of large aircraft”, “capital ship escort” and other major national defense and military tasks. Antiy is also a core node on the world’s fundamental infrastructure security supply chain. Nearly a hundred well-known security vendors and IT vendors around the world have chosen Antiy as their partner of detection capability. The detection engine of Antiy has provided security protection for nearly a hundred thousand network devices and security devices and nearly 1.2 billion mobile phones. The mobile detection engine of Antiy was the first Chinese product that won AV-TEST reward in the world.

The technical strength of Antiy has been recognized by industry management organizations, customers and partners. Antiy has consecutively been awarded the qualification of national security emergency support unit for five times and one of the six of CNNVD first-level support units. Antiy is the significant enterprise node of China emergency response system, which has provided early warning and comprehensive emergency support in major security threats and virus outbreaks such as Code Red, Dvldr, Heartbleed, Bash Shellcode and WannaCry. Antiy conducts an in-depth analysis on APT organizations or APT operations such as Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Sandworm, Equation, and White Elephant, forming a favorable support for defending the sovereignty, security and development interests of the country.

On April 19, 2016, at the symposium about cyberspace and information security held by President Xi Jinping, the chief technical architect of Antiy spoke as representative of cybersecurity field, and reported to President Xi Jinping. On May 25, 2016, President Xi Jinping inspected the headquarters of Antiy during his investigation in Heilongjiang and praised that “Antiy is a cybersecurity national team, although it is private owned”.

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