Audit and Test Service

1.The Source Code Audit Service

Based on the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE), Top-10 Web Vulnerabilities in 2017 of OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), and the vulnerability database published by equipment and software vendors, Antiy’s source code security audit service performs security audits on source code written by various programming languages through combining with professional source code scanning tools. It can help users to avoid or substantially reduce the above security problems in the stages of software system production and source code development. Also, it can provide customers with a series of services, including security coding specification consulting, source code security status assessment, locating the source code in the security vulnerabilities, analysis of vulnerability risks, offering modification suggestions and etc..

2.Vulnerability Scanning Service

Network security automated scanning is often referred to as network vulnerability scanning and is an important network security technology. The threat of cyber security mainly comes from the fact that the vulnerabilities in the network are exploited artificially. Network vulnerability scanning interacts with firewalls and intrusion detection systems, which can improve the network security effectively.

3.Penetration Test Service

The penetration test conducted by user’s authorization is fundamentally different from the infiltration test conducted by the hacker. The authorized penetration test generally does not cause any harm or loss to the customer’s information system. Its purpose is to exteriorly discover the external security vulnerabilities of the information system and verify the real existence of these vulnerabilities. So far, no further penetration will be carried out (i.e., no follow-up measures, such as backdoor implants, will be performed), and we will report these existing vulnerabilities to the client.