Antiy Becomes MUTE Member

The group of MUTE (Malicious URLs Tracking and Exchange) was founded in 2008 to facilitate the exchange of malicious URLs between trusted security researchers.

The MUTE’s mission is to minimize the exposure of end users from computing threats through timely tracking and exchange of URLs (malicious, gray & credible).

Antiy Labs has been a MUTE member since November 2012. Just as the MUTE’s mission, Antiy hopes to share high-quality URLs with other members in this international sharing platform to better protect the Internet and reduce security threats.

Compared with traditional content-based classification of URL filtering technologies, Antiy’s Payload Blocking focuses more on the interception of binary malicious codes with actual threats in their source locations. Based on its strong ability to capture and detect malicious codes, Antiy can effectively find the source of Trojans and create a rule list so as to provide source-blocking capability for network devices equipped with Antiy’s anti-virus engines through URL filtering modules.