Antiy Is a Top-performer in AV-TEST’s Android Review

Since the non-public Android antivirus product test that was held by AV-TEST in November 2012, AVL for Android of Antiy Labs has become a top-performer in both malware detection and PUP detection.

AV-TEST is the leading independent antivirus research institution and service provider which regularly evaluates and tests antivirus products. They can obtain top-quality test results by using state-of-the-art methods and latest malware samples. The authority of the results has received the unanimous approval of the industry.

In November 2012, AV-TEST held a non-public test that focused on Android antivirus products and the 25 leading antivirus vendors in the world participated in the test. In the Android malware detection test, AVL for Android of Antiy accurately detected 910 samples of all the 917 ones with 99.24% detection rate, which takes a greatly top position; in the PUP detection test, AVL for Android detected 415 samples of all the 420 ones precisely with 98.81% detection rate, performing excellently.

The product that Antiy provides is a free antivirus application – AVL for Android; it employs the antivirus engine – AVL SDK for Mobile – that is produced by Antiy Labs, too. The engine can be integrated into mobile application, network devices and PC software to provide users with high-performance mobile antivirus capability. Recently, AVL SDK for Mobile has been applied by many information security enterprises into their security products on both Android and Windows platform to provide high-quality antivirus functionality for users. This time Antiy proves the excellent detection capability of the engine again through the test results.

1. The full name of PUP is Potentially Unwanted Programs which can also be called PUA, normally including Riskware, Adware, and G-ware and so on.
2. AV-TEST will not publish the whole test results in its website due to the reason that it is a non-public test. The data that is quoted herein has been reviewed and approved by AV-TEST.