AVL SDK for Mobile was Certified by AV-TEST Again

In the latest mobile security product test held by AV-TEST in May, 2013, the antivirus engine AVL SDK for Mobile of Antiy Labs was certified by AV-TEST again with 100% malware detection rate.

In this test, AV-TEST chose the latest malware sample collections on Android platform of the recent four weeks, AVL SDK for Mobile kept the 100% detection rate, which proved the defensive capability of this antivirus engine against new threats on Android platform; AVL SDK for Mobile achieved full scores in the following four strict test programs: power consumption, CPU occupation, network traffic occupation and false positive. AVL SDK for Mobile by now has got 100% detection rate and full scores in all the three mobile security product tests held by AV-TEST this year.

“As to the malware threats on mobile platform, we believe the main trend is as follows: on the one hand, the malware amount is increasing with double speed quarterly; on the other hand, the countermeasure techniques that malware adopts from static and dynamic aspects is constantly extending and developing. We will be facing with bigger threats and challenges in the future. At any rate, Antiy Labs will keep paying close attention to the latest security threats on Android platform and be dedicated in the research and development of antivirus core technology. We hope to provide AVL SDK for Mobile for our partners and other information security companies to jointly protect end users’ security,” said Tom Pan, director of Mobile Antivirus Department at Antiy Labs.

As far as we know, among the 30 mobile security products in this test, AVL SDK for Mobile is the only local antivirus engine that can be used by other antivirus solutions, mobile security application software and network security devices.