ISF2012: New Power, New Journey

The technology of information security, on which we depend for our business, is under heavy threats in every respect. All organizations have their own particular problems. Therefore, seeking solutions in an IT security perspective is the current vital task for all.

With the remarkable rapid progress of China’s IT security industry, and active participation as well as their support from international partners and friends, Internet Security Forum (ISF in short) has become a sound international technical exchange event in the recent 5 years. ISF used to concentrate on application security issues in 2008, web application exploits in 2009, cloud security concerns in 2010, and social network privacy protection in 2011.

In addition to its role of academic pioneer, ISF 2012 will place extra emphasis on its research on technical strategy and industry’s sustainable development. Universities play the part of industry incubator in China, and are expected to be in the future. Anyway as a consequence of sequence of practical factors, there are notable gaps among academic research, market requirements and higher education. ISF takes the duties of non-profit organizations have, to challenge, to improve, for the future, without demanding. ISF would like to see new education features, sustainable competitive advantage in the industry, a better integration between industry and education, and a brilliant tomorrow.

ISF 2012 provides a platform of academic exchange for college students and world-wide top class service providers/ manufactures in IT security industry. IT security researchers from domestic colleges will discuss and share information on market tendency with attended experts. Cooperation will be carried out in priority areas of information security for technical research and strategic research program modalities.

College students are the promising new power for future global information security. ISF will always provide the exchange platform for young people. ISF hopes to contribute to academic research and IT security.

“New Power, New Journey”

Sharing information of leading information security technology;

Establishing new mechanism for international cooperation;

Providing learning and exchange platform for college students.

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We look forward to your participation and new contribution for information security.