Services and Supports


Open Malware Cloud Detection

The interfaces of malware cloud detection system are completely open. Our engine users can make fine-grained customization on cloud detection method and depth with aims at their products’ requirements, enjoying the conveniences brought by the cloud detection.

Backend Automatic Malware Analysis System

The system can carry out automatic static analysis, dynamic analysis and risk determination on Android applications with user-friendly interface and management functionality. It can be integrated profoundly to your solutions of BYOD and MDM/MAM to make deep analysis on Android malware, adware, spyware and common applications.

VirusView: Malware Knowledge Encyclopedia

VirusView contains a full range of analysis reports of more than 1 million kinds of malware and the multi-engine detection results of more than 10 million kinds of malware. It has on-line version and off-line version, opening several query interfaces. The engine users can gain more detail and comprehensive information about the specific malware.

On-demand Manual Analysis and Response

According to users’ needs, it can execute in-depth manual analysis and long-term tracks on critical malware and the relevant security threats, providing detail analysis reports and delivering comprehensive solutions and options.


Both the MIUI OS and XIAOMI phones of Xiaomi Tech apply AVL SDK for Mobile and its relevant services in cloud, establishing a full range of security protection for the applications installed on the phones or systems by individual users.

When establishing and improving its own application market, Microsoft adopts the consulting service provided by us concerning the security issues of market operation and security evaluation of applications, taking the analysis reports that Antiy Labs provides as reference.