A large number of servers by HFS are exploited to spread malware

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First publish time: 17:00, Sep 15, 2015.
Update time: 17:00, Sep 15, 2015.


1      Production

Recently, the third generation Honeypot Wind-capture System of Antiy captured a downloader sample. After the samples being executed, it will access to an Http File Server built by hackers. Through a tracking and analysis by wind-capture system, analysts found that there are many servers built by HFS. With monitoring one of the downloading servers, the total hits reach to nearly 30 thousand during 6 online days, which can show that it has a wide spread. The extremely simple operation of this software is favored by primary attackers; meanwhile, it has been used by hackers many times because of its convenient construction and easy to spread, etc. Through an associated analysis, Antiy CERT researchers have found that this kind of lightweight server tools has been prevalent currently.

1.1     Sample label

Virus name Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
Original file name non
MD5 A52B473888FA975D37048D5959533001
Processor Architecture X86-32
File size 180KB(184427Bytes)
File format BinExecute/Microsoft.EXE[:X86]
Timestamp 2015-08-29
Digital signature non
Shell type Unknown shell
Compiled language Microsoft Visual C++ v6.0

Graph 1 Sample label



Hackers use weak passwords to intrude MySQL database server, use MySQL commands to set up tables and new variable, write executable binary codes into the variable and insert into the table, then dump the binary executable file in the table to the database server and execute it finally, which is also commonly used by hackers to intrude database.

After being executed, it will access to its own code dynamically, and then elevate privileges with the main function of enumerating antivirus software Kingsoft guards process name “KSafeTray.exe”. If the process appears, end it.


Graph 2 End Kingsoft guards process

Malware connection server (IP: 118.193**.**:1010)


Graph 3 Network connected operation



When malware connects to the server port, the server port will be invalid. Antiy CERT analysts found a lightweight server with a malware (1010. Exe) when connected to the IP.

1.2 Server sample analysis

Virus name Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
Original file name 1010.exe
MD5 FF5ED4E0F8A968643F49E1FDF1D76338
Processor Architecture X86-32
File size 80.0 KB (81,988 bytes)
File format BinExecute/Microsoft.EXE[:X86]
Timestamp 2015-08-29
Digital signature non
Shell type non
Compiled language Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Graph 4 Sample label



Graph 5 Server sample flow

The hacker server is captured by Antiy CERT in less than 2 online hours. The sample will first decrypt the download server address, and then judge whether the sample runs with parameters and whether the parameters include the “Windows 7” string. If it does not include or runs without parameters, it will execute a thread with downloading function, judge if the transferred parameters are empty when executes thread. If not, it will execute thread creation process, as shown in the figure below.


Graph 6 Create threat flow


When malware enters into the thread, it will deliver the parameter string (address of connected server in fact) to the functions that connect to the server. The thread is responsible for downloading other malware.

If the malware with parameters and includes “Windows 7” string, it will skip the thread to create process, deliver file name and flag bit server functions, then re-connect to the server address, re-download 1011. exe file and store it in C: \ Windows \ AppPatch directory and names it as “mysqld. dll” to run.


Graph 7 Running process with parameters

The server has just launched on September 8 with infecting rate increasing gradually, as shown in the figure below:

IP address: 118.193. * *. * * (China Telecom ShaTian international data center, Hong Kong special administrative region)



Graph 8 Hits of online server in a day

2      Correlate similar server

Through a further correlation analysis, it can be found that another sample link address is the server built by Http File Server in another Antiy Honeypot System with the server domain name is qj0. * *. * *.  By tracking a few days, they found that the domain names have changed IP four times (as shown in the figure below), and all the servers are provided by Aliyun Server. The combination of dynamic domain name and Aliyun Server make the malicious groups more concealed. Hackers have purchased multiple Aliyun Servers to spread malware, often change IP and expand malware spreading by binding IP with other domain names with a better hiding at the same time.


Graph 9 Change Aliyun Servers frequently


Graph 10  Hits of malicious servers

Malicious server regularly updates malware with an increasing infecting rate.

List of malware virus name is as below:

Sample name Uploading time Hits MD5 Virus name
   is.war 2015-8-15 10:27:48 291 5F0926A42D2F1042013F45A2B755699E Trojan[Backdoor]/Java.JSP.l
 syn20160 2015-8-18 19:53:40 926 1D3C681B99B98F0D8DDE23758DD98C07 Trojan[Backdoor]/Linux.Ganiw
   win.exe 2015-8-18 19:58:16 88 28ACC38A08B44B76EA85A0853961EBC9 Trojan/Win32.Reconyc.esql
 xxa.exe 2015-8-28 18:24:56 272 31ED5DBFF8EFB9D61C68084FC3F20E22 Trojan[Backdoor]/Win32.Farfli
 Zesr68f4.dll 2015-9-3 0:12:34 573 8A65DB08D158060F60DF68732FB34D84 Trojan/Win32.Generic


On September 7, Antiy CERT captures another address of similar malware downloading server whose hits reach to 10 thousand when being captured. Almost all the software in server is malware most of whom are backdoor and downloaders. Function list of malware is shown as below.


Graph 11 Malicious server

After tracking of this server a week, Antiy CERT analysts found that the total hits increase linearly with an adding of almost 3000 hits per day. As shown in the figure below:


Graph 12 Trend of server hits per day


Statistics of server malware virus name is shown as below:

Sample name Uploading time Hits MD5 Virus name
 1433.exe 2015-8-1 17:16:43 218 cc2b9684dc95ea70f052eb8a3902b0ad Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 3306.exe 2015-8-3 15:22:57 229 40d70745cfcdc0574d0a6982362f1c7d Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 arp.exe 2015-8-8 10:27:54 536 6ff1142bb5b0dc40f1a37dd1cbf53e80 Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 bc12345.exe 2015-8-6 17:46:38 2572 ab34251ccfcc60005c7b3a294040e4cd Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 cr.exe 2015-8-7 16:30:55 143 303ff8794e5c6f32870ed55c33573e7b Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 gott.exe 2015-7-30 19:20:31 23 c7e9e5566cf3428e25e07868f44fd19c Trojan[Backdoor]/Win32.Farfli
 mogujie.exe 2015-8-14 9:18:53 19525 25c72c1e994f3efec4a1b555d36ef4a4 Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 moke8.exe 2015-8-8 9:29:24 1018 67b2dbedd5a258258baab0094e278f96 Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 mp4fixtool.exe 2015-8-10 16:30:59 351 f005589add550804017349d7a21aa633 Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 NetSyst81.dll 2014-10-25 13:48:02 214 0b156ec492ea45d282cf823415ecaf12 Trojan/Win32.Agent
 scvhost.exe 2015-7-30 19:20:31 373 c7e9e5566cf3428e25e07868f44fd19c Trojan[Backdoor]/Win32.Farfli
 win2003.exe 2015-8-28 16:23:44 34 e8aa9941e88fb172d9a470973834b4c0 Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 windowsupdate.exe 2015-8-6 9:34:48 28 fc8ee42d829dcc9a12cbe528b6a5f7f4 Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 yiqig.exe 2015-8-8 10:25:28 313 f1fbf62e7f04f9e7e223c64e78ff9a99 Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent
 yymp4.exe 2015-8-14 9:18:53 509 25c72c1e994f3efec4a1b555d36ef4a4 Trojan[Downloader]/Win32.Agent

Through a tracking and exploration, Antiy analysts found that this kind of hacker server is very common currently, as shown in the figure below:


Graph 13 Malicious server


Graph 14 Malicious server

3      Summary

At present, with the enormous economic benefit temptation of “Black Industry”, commercial hacker toolkit is becoming more and more prevalent. This kind of malware output can make newbies quickly learn the rudiments of malware, even a newbie without any experience can easily master the methods of invasion of computer snooping after a short time study. Not just hacking tools, even an ordinary tool with normal service can also be easily used by hackers, for example, lightweight Http Server (Http File Server) which is favored by users for its convenient construction, easy to operate and other characteristics. Meanwhile, hackers can use the method of combination of building lightweight server in cloud with dynamic DNS to spread malware broader and more concealed. The increasing use of this kind of lightweight and convenient server tool that is favored by hackers or novice will no doubt accelerate the spread of malware.

This kind of hacking tool techniques can make the production cycle of malware shorter. Relying on commercial tools to attack can reduce the attack cost and improve the testing difficulty and propagation velocity at the same time. This attack technique with less difficulty, low threshold and less cost will make the black industry chain of Internet become a mess and brings more challenges to Internet security.

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